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"My life with Danver Cabinets and How I feel about them"
I have had Danver cabinets for a few years now. I don't like them mainly because of the wood that is used must not be treated or something to that for they bulge too easily in the sweltering summers. I don't like much about them, sadly. However if I had to chose something I would say they come in amazing colors of wood and matt colors that match any kitchen or bathroom set up. I have had to repair the handles quite a few times. The wood is so flimsy it refuses to hold a screw or nail for long periods or gives way under too much stress. The same can be said about the hinges, the screws chew through the wood splintering it very easily. Oh I will never ever use this brand of cabinet again! I keep them because I don't have the time or money to invest in a new kitchen.