Coldtech Refrigerators

Coldtech manufactures a line of commercial refrigerators and freezers. They offer several options in their refrigerator line: solid door, glass door, and half-door refrigerators. The refrigerators are available in a combination of all refrigerator (full door or half door), all freezer, or half refrigerator/freezer. These reach-in refrigerators are quite deep; the smallest refrigerator in their product line provides 21 cubic feet of storage. The interior and exterior of the refrigerators are stainless steel.

ColdTech Refrigerators feature:

  • Adjustable tension spring loaded doors
  • Automatic door closure
  • Hot Gas or Electronic condensate -- requires no plumbing or floor drain
  • Interior Light
  • Thermostat controls
  • Self-contained bottom mounted refrigeration

Coldtech's History

Coldtech refrigerators and freezers are manufactured by Jimex, a California- based company. Jimex originally began custom fabricating and installing walk-in coolers in 1994. Jimex began production and marketing of the ColdTech® refrigeration systems to the foodservice industry in 1998.

Parts and repair information for your Coldtech refrigerator

Parts for Coldtech refrigerators are readily available though any number of online retailers and offline commerial refrigeration repair and service centers.

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Coldtech´┐Żs warranty varies based on the model in question, from one to five years parts and labor. The compressor system generally carries a five-year warranty.

Contacting Coldtech

Phone: (800) 314-4477


Jimex Corporation
1575 Zephyr Avenue
Hayward, CA 94544