Hotpoint Refrigerators

Hotpoint markets side-by-side, freezer-on-top, and compact refrigerators, as well as upright and chest freezers. These refrigerators span the range from a compact 4.3 cubic foot refrigerator that would fit well in your average dorm room, to a 25 cubic foot refrigerator that could manage the groceries for a sizeable family. Like most manufacturers, Hotpoint offers a wide range of options, and their refrigerators are available in Graphite, Sandstone, Polar White, and Satin Aluminium finishes. The Hotpoint brand is owned by GE.

For those of you looking to purchase a energy efficient refrigerator, Hotpoint's 14.9 cubic foot freezer- on-top model is Energy Star compliant.


Hotpoint was founded as the Pacific Electric Heating Company in 1905 and originally produced hand-held irons (the kind used to remove wrinkles from shirts). As the company grew, it changed its name to Hotpoint, which derived from the "iron with the hot point". By 1920 General Electric acquired Hotpoint, and changed it from a manufacturer of consumer appliances into a brandname.

Parts and repair information for your Hotpoint refrigerator

Parts can be ordered online and delivered, picked up from the store, or by calling: 800-848-7620 (Mon - Fri: 7am - 10pm EST, Sat - Sun: 8am - 6pm EST)

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Hot Point provides 1-year parts and labor warranty.

Contacting Hotpoint

Phone: 800-448-0329 (automated response, 24 hours a day)


Hot Point
c/o GE Appliance
Park. 6, Rm. 129
Louisville, KY 40225