Kelvinator Refrigerators

Kelvinator refrigerators were trendsetters that suited most kitchens and addressed a variety of requirements. The company was credited with producing the first frost-free fridge and the picture frame door idea that gave owners the freedom to personalize their refrigerators. However, the Kelvinator brand is now most associated with commercial refrigeration equipment while its domestic refrigerator products have been taken over by Electrolux.

Kelvinator's History

William Thompson's fascination with the principles of heat and cold is said to have led to the invention of the refrigerator, among other things. In honor of his accomplishments, the British scientist was knighted under the name Lord Kelvin. In 1914, these principles were utilized to invent ice making for domestic purposes by Edmund J. Copeland and Arnold H. Goss. The duo started the Electro-Automatic Refrigerating Company Inc. in May 1916. Later the name was changed to the Kelvinator Company as a tribute to Lord Kelvin.

Parts and Repair Information

Even though Kelvinator refrigerators are no longer in production, obtaining spare parts for the older models is not difficult. Service centers for Electrolux and various online sources offer authentic spare parts and technical support in the event repairs become a necessity for a Kelvinator refrigerator. Most parts suppliers have pictures to help consumers choose the correct part. Customers can usually search for spares using the model number of the appliance in question.


All products in the Kelvinator commercial line are backed by a one-year warranty.