Kirkland Refrigerators

Kirkland is the "house" brand for Costco Wholesale products. Kirkland refrigerators are manufactured by Whirlpool and marketed at Costco under the Kirkland brand name. Costco continues to offer refrigerators, but uses the "KS" brand, or Kirkland Signature Series, in addition to carrying a selection of Whirlpool brand refrigerators. Kirkland refrigerators consist of a line of side-by-side refrigerators and freezer-on-top models.

Kirkland refrigerators feature:

  • Wire refrigerator shelves
  • Door storage
  • Crisper trays
  • Auto Moisture Control


Costco Wholesale Corporation operates an international chain of retail warehouses. Costco offers reduced price merchandise to its members. Costco sells a variety of products, including furniture and appliances. Costco began operation as Price Club in 1973.

Whirlpool has been making home appliances since 1911. They began making refrigerators under the Kirkland brand name in 1999.

Parts and repair information for your Kirkland refrigerator

Parts for Kirkland refrigerators are readily available, either from Whirlpool directly, or though any number of online and offline retailers. You can reach the Whirlpool parts center at 1-800-253-1301.

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Kirkland (Costco) offers a two-year full warranty on the entire refrigerator and a five- year warranty on the sealed refrigeration system.

Contacting Kirkland

Phone (Whirlpool Appliances): (800) 253-1301 Phone (Costco Member Services): (800) 955-2292


PO Box 34331
Seattle, WA 98124