Liebherr Refrigerators

Liebherr offers various models of refrigerators to suit modern kitchen styles. From built-in or integrated to freestanding, they come in all convenient styles and sizes. Liebherr is known for its environmental friendly innovations and is now one of Europe's leading manufacturers of refrigerators. Their products are fully Energy Star compliant. Liebherr domestic appliances are now available in the US.

Certain features such as the BioFresh, SuperCool and SuperFrost designs helps chill fresh food quickly in order to keep it as fresh as possible. Some models come with a glass door for the wine compartment, adding considerably to the aesthetics of the refrigerator.

History of Liebherr

The Liebherr Group of Companies was founded by Dr. Hans Liebherr of Germany in 1949. His extensive experience in construction equipment helped considerably in fashioning innovative domestic appliances. Liebherr embarked on the manufacturing of refrigerators in 1955. The company now enjoys patronage in 21 different countries worldwide.

Parts and Repair Information

Replacements and repair information is available online. Consumers need to have the model number and purchase details such as date of purchase of the appliance handy when enquiring about parts replacements. Other authorized agencies and qualified technicians may also conduct repairs on Liebherr refrigerators.


On completing a warranty registration form, appliances are covered by a 2 to 3 year full manufacturer's warranty, depending on the model. Extended warranty for longer periods may be availed from the retailer.


Customers may contact Liebherr through their website to obtain specific contact information for their area.