Maytag Refrigerators

Maytag manufactures a full line of refrigerators, including: Wide-by-Side, Side-by-Side, French Door Bottom-Freezer and Top-Freezer Refrigerators. Maytag also markets refrigerators under the Amana and Jenn-Air brands.

All Maytag's Wide-by-Side, Side-by-Side, French Door-Bottom Freezer, Bottom-Freezer and a select few of its Top-Freezer refrigerators have earned the Energy Star Seal for energy efficiency.

Maytag's line of refrigerators includes:

Wide-by-Side Refrigerators, such as the MZD, Side-by-Side refrigerators, such as the MCD, MCB and MSD, French Door Bottom-Freezer refrigerators, such as the MFC, MFD and MFF lines, Bottom-Freezer refrigerators such as the MBR, MBL, MBF and MBB lines, and Top-Freezer refrigerators, such as the MFG, MTB and PTB.


Maytag was founded 1893 by F.L Maytag in Newton, Iowa. In 1946, Maytag marketed its first refrigerator. And, in 1989, Maytag added a full line of refrigerators to complete its appliance line. In 2001, the company introduced its Wide-by-Side models, featuring ClimateZone™ technology.

Parts and repair information for your Maytag refrigerator

Maytag replacement parts information are available directly from Maytag. Model and/or serial number required. Online ordering is available; parts can also be order via telephone by calling: Toll Free: (800) 688-9900 (US) or Toll Free: (800) 688-2002 (Canada).

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Contacting Maytag

US: (800) 688-9900
Canada: (800) 688-2002

Note: Maytag's customer service department will likely require that you know your refrigerator's serial number when you call.
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Maytag Customer Service
240 Edwards Street
Cleveland, TN 37311


Maytag warranty information is product specific and readily available for download on Maytag's Web site. Model number and zip code is required to obtain warranty information.