MicroFridge Refrigerators

MicroFridge® products were originally sold only to commercial entities such as schools, military and assisted living facilities, and hotels. Their models include combination appliances such as a refrigerator/freezer/microwave. They became so popular that they are now available for direct purchase by private consumers and may be purchased online. They fit well in small offices, dorm rooms, other living facilities, and mini-bars at home.

MicroFridge's refrigerator / microwave and refrigerator / freezer / microwave combinations vary in size from compact 2.7 cubic foot models to mid-sized 10.3 cubic foot models. Many of MicroFridge's refrigerators qualify for the Energy Star seal. All units are built to accommodate commercial usage and include such features as: separate door top-mounted freezer, can hold standing 2-liter bottles, appliances feature Patented Safe Plug™ which draws only 10 amps, one-plug operation uses only one socket for up to three appliances, and black or stainless-steel finishes.


Intirion invented the MicroFridge® in 1987. Intirion is a branch of Mac-Gray, a company founded in 1927 primarily as an operator of laundry facilities in commercial institutions such as hotels, hospitals, schools, and similar settings. The company currently specializes in providing appliances for use in small living spaces.

Parts and repair information for your MicroFridge refrigerator

Contact customer service by telephone or online for any repair issues.

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All MicroFridge products are covered by a limited 2-year warranty.

Contacting MicroFridge

Phone: 800-637-7567 (Customer Service number)


MicroFridge Corporate Headquarters
10 Walpole Park South
Walpole, MA 02081