Modern Maid Refrigerators

Modern Maid refrigerators are no longer produced but the name is part of the Whirlpool Corporation group. Parts are still available and further information is provided below.


In 1904, the Tennessee Stove and Manufacturing (TS&M) company began making wood, cast iron, and nickel-plated coal stoves and heaters. At the end of World War II, more people had electricity and TS&M started manufacturing electric stoves. In the 1950s their ranges were called "Modern Maid", and in 1965 the company began using that name. They merged with McGraw-Edison in 1972 and seven years later Raytheon acquired them. After various additional changes in ownership, Whirlpool acquired the Modern Maid brand in 2006.

Parts and Repair Information

Using "Modern Maid refrigerator parts" as an Internet search term yields many companies that still provide replacement parts. Most ask for a part number but some also have pictures, dimensions, and other helpful ways to find what you need.


Since Modern Maid refrigerators have been out of production for some time, any original warranty is likely not to be valid. However, most repair companies offer a limited guarantee on the work that they do, such as 90 days. Always ask about warranty terms when contracting for any service.

How to Contact Whirlpool about Modern Maid

Whirlpool Corporation World Headquarters and North America Region
2000 N. M-63
Benton Harbor, Michigan 49022-2692

Toll-free phone: 866-698-2538 toll free
Corporate: 269-923-5000