Norcold Refrigerators


Norcold markets refrigerators for the transportation industry: specifically RVs, boats and tractor trailer trucks. As you might guess, building a refrigerator that works in an RV provides several interesting challenges -- most obviously the fact that while moving, it is often cost-inefficient to run a refrigerator off electricity. The simplest alternative to an electric compressor in a refrigerator is to vaporize a refrigerant (usually ammonia) via a gas burner. The ammonia is then absorbed into liquid water, and as it does it cools and condenses. This is the basic system behind Norcold's line of refrigerators.

Norcold offers several features to increase the efficiency of its refrigerators. (Note that the Energy Star seal does not apply to gas absorption refrigators.) These features include an alarm to notify you when the refrigerator door has been left open and a timer on the internal light which ensures that the light turns off after two minutes if the door is left open.


Norcold was founded in 1959 to sell specialty refrigerators for RVs and boats. The company was acquired by the Stolle Corporation in 1963. Norcold was purchased by the Thetford Corporation in 1997.

Parts and repair information for your Norcold refrigerator

You can reach Norcold's customer service at (800) 543-1219 for instructions on how and where to have your product serviced.

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Norcold's Warranty

Norcold offers 3 different warranties depending on the model you own:

  1. Limited Warranty - 1-Year Warranty This warranty is on any refrigerator equipment of Norcold
  2. Limited Warranty - 2-Year Warranty, DC/DE-0051 and DC-0040 models purchased after Jan. 1, 2001
  3. Limited Warranty - 3-Year Warranty, Gas Absorption Models purchased after Jan. 1, 2001
6-year extended warranty plans are also available.

Contacting Norcold

Phone: (800) 521-3032


P.O. Box 1285
Ann Arbor, MI 48106