Northland Refrigerators

Northland manufactures a variety of different lines of refrigerators: large commercial refrigerators and high-end, built-in refrigerators for private homes. Northland refrigerators are largely designed as "custom" refrigerators. The customer selects the size of refrigerator (18", 24", 30", 36", 42", 48" or a two-cabinet refrigerator that measures 72"); and then selects from a series of interior features to customize their appliance (door style, freezer compartment, temperature zones, rack and shelving systems).

Northland refrigerators can be designed as all-refrigerator compartments, all-freezer, mini-freezer/refrigerator (room for an ice maker), top freezer, side-by-sides, or a combination of a side-by-side with a wine cabinet. Northland refrigerators are available in the following exterior finish: satin brushed aluminum, white, or black; glass door fronts are available on 18", 24", 30", and 36" units. Customers can also opt to choose a matching cabinet front for their refrigerator, and either select from a "handle-less" opening or choose a traditional refrigerator handle.

All Northland refrigerators use a patented power module system. All the parts necessary for refrigeration, freezing and defrosting are located within one unit. There are no evaporator coils or circulating fans. As a result, there is more storage space within the actual refrigeration unit, and service of the unit is accomplished with fairly simply removal of the power module and replacement.


The Northland Company originally began as the Ranney Refrigeration Company in the 1890s. Ranney built a line of ice boxes. Over the years the company has changed hands several times through company acquisition until its current structure as the Northland Corporation. Northland formed its Kitchen Appliance Division in 1990 for the purpose of selling refrigeration units for homes.

Parts and repair information for your Northland refrigerator

Northland refrigerator parts and repair are available from all certified Northland independent dealers and service centers. There are also several certified dealers available online for order of replacement parts.

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Northland offers a limited one year parts and labor, plus a 6 year warranty on the sealed compressor system.

Contacting Northland

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