Scotsman Refrigerators

Although Scotsman is primarily known for its commercial refrigeration products, Scotsman also makes a 15" personal compact refrigerator. The doors are built to hold one of three custom panels; white, black, or stainless steel. The door shelves are spaced far enough apart to hold wine or other tall bottles. There is an inside freezer with push button defrost. The temperature and the shelves can be adjusted. Total capacity is 3 cubic ft.

Scotsman's History

Scotsman Industries was purchased by London-based Berisford plc in 1999. (Berisford had previously acquired the refrigeration company Welbilt in 1995.) In 2000 Berisford changed its name to Enodis Corporation.

Parts and repair information for your Scotsman refrigerator

For parts lists and service manuals contact Scotsman or find an authorized repair service on the Internet.

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There is a one year warranty on parts and labor for any defects originating with product. There is a five year part replacement warranty for the compressor.

Contacting Scotsman

Phone: (800) 726-8762


Scotsman Ice Systems
775 Corporate Woods Parkway
Vernon Hills, IL 60061