Westinghouse Refrigerators

The Westinghouse brand of refrigerators is owned by Frigidaire. Westinghouse sells side-by-side refrigerators, top mount freezer refrigerators, and all refrigerator, and select beverage cooling systems. Available options on models include:

  • Standard or counter-depth
  • Clear shelves, produce and door bins (hold gallon containers or beverage cans)
  • Water dispenser with filter, with tall container capacity on some models
  • Front-mounted temperature controls
  • Alarms indicating door left open or power failure
  • Lighting on all levels
  • Freezing compartments with wire baskets and clear shelves in addition to in-door storage
  • Humidity controls

There are two beverage refrigerators designed to hold kegs, bottles, or cans of beer.

Most models are Energy Star´┐Ż rated.


In 1916, Alfred Mellowes invented the refrigerator, which was sold by Guardian Frigerator Co. Two years later General Motors acquired Guardian and renamed the company Frigidaire. In 1979 White Consolidated Industries, owner of Westinghouse bought Frigidaire. Electrolux purchased White Consolidated in 1986. Westinghouse is now owned by Electrolux and is sold under the Frigidaire brand name.

Parts and repair information for your Westinghouse refrigerator

Call 800-599-7569 Monday through Friday, 8:30am-5:30pm EST.
For models still under the Westinghouse brand name, browse online for part suppliers and repair personnel.

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One-year warranty on all parts and labor, except water cartridge filters.

Years two through five - Repair or replace parts in sealed refrigeration system or cabinet liner. Parts include compressor, condenser, evaporator, tubing, and dryer.

Contacting Westinghouse

Phone: (800) 374-4432


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P.O. Box 212378
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