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Location: Cambridge, MA
Model/Style: D3531XLHDSS

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"My Quiet, Eco-frienly ASKO Dishwasher"
I've owned my ASKO dishwasher for two years and eight months. Its quietness is what I like about it. With my previous dishwasher, I had to shout above the roar to be heard. I barely hear this ASKO. One feature for the purchase of this machine was that the discharge would not backup into the main drain. It doesn't. It has three filters ( main, fine, and coarse) so the drain would not be clogged and the dirt would not be redeposited on the dishes. I like the fact that it uses extremely hot water to clean the dishes so I don't have to use as much detergent, usually half the amount as other dishwashers. However, since it recommends powder detergent, I've had to be inventive if I use liquid or tablets. Halving the tablets can be difficult. Because ASKO is a Scandinavian company, I've had to adjust to the racks. American dishware tend to be heavier, and their weight drags on the top rack, which makes it tilt forward. Otherwise, I really like my dishwasher. It has not rquired any servicing. I would recommend THIS model. I've examined what was supposed to be an improvement of this model, but more features just cluttered the appliance and it was not as effective.