Norge Refrigerators

Norge refrigerators were common household appliances from the 1930s to the 1970s. Norge originally manufactured window iceboxes, and later moved to motorized refrigeration units.

Norge offered two models of refrigerator, a top-freezer unit and early models that featured two door refrigeration units. Early refrigerators were made of porcelain and later manufacturing incorporated a steel case. The refrigerators were available in a variety of colors: white was the most popular color, but other colors followed fashion trends, including pink, aqua blue, avocado green and harvest gold.

Norge's History

The Norge refrigeration line has a complicated history of corporate buy-outs. Originally made by the Ranney Refrigeration Company, the Norge refrigerators line was eventually sold in 1970 to the Fedders Corporation. In 1978, Fedders was purchased by the Northland Corporation. Eventually the Norge refrigerator line was phased out and replaced with Northland refrigerators.

There is a great deal of interest in vintage refrigerators, particularly the Norge models. Some unrefurbished models of the Norge refrigerator are selling for thousands of dollars.

Parts and repair information for your Norge refrigerator

Norge refrigerator parts and repair are available through independent refrigerator repair companies, as well as many parts available through the Sears Company. There are many online sites that specialize in parts for a variety of refrigerator manufacturers, including Norge.

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While Norge refrigerators are no longer manufactured, there are a variety of parts available to repair these units. Most new parts carry a standard one year warranty.

Contacting Norge

For questions about Norge refrigerators, you might try contacting Northland, the company that owns the Norge brand.