Fieldstone Kitchen Cabinets

Fieldstone Cabinetry has a comprehensive line of high-end kitchen cabinets which includes many different cabinet door styles and finishes. Angled cabinets, cabinets with chase cut-outs, and custom cabinets to fit quirky historical homes are all possible. Fieldstone wood choices include:

  • Alder and Rustic Alder: Light brown in color with a yellow-reddish tint, alder is softer hardwood with a fine straight grain and even texture;
  • Cherry and Rustic Cherry: Cherry woods are known for their distinctive grain patterns and range in color from white to deep reddish brown, sometimes with visible knots. Lighter cherry woods will darken over time;
  • Hickory and Rustic Hickory: As a heavy and strong hardwood with vibrant grains, Hickory woods can range in color from white to dark brown. Rustic Hickory is characterized by at least one knot;
  • Maple: Characterized by fine, smooth grains, maple wood can range in color from white to a slightly reddish brown;
  • Red Oak and Quarter Sawn Red Oak: Oak is a strong hardwood with long linear grains and can sometimes have pinholes and tiny knots. Colors can range from golden blond to deeper tones;

Solid color finishes including tinted varnishes, glazed varnishes, and thermo foil finishes are available on Fieldstone cabinets as are vintage finishes that try tor replicate the natural aging of the wood.

Fieldstone is ESP certified by the KCMA and CARB II Compliant.


Fieldstone Cabinetry began in Mason City, Iowa, in 1978. Since 1999, Fieldstone Cabinetry has been manufactured in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Fieldstone Cabinetry is a brand of Norcraft Companies.

Where to Buy Fieldstone Cabinets

Fieldstone kitchen cabinets can be purchased from independent, local authorized dealers. Architects and Interior Designers can specify Fieldstone Cabinetry for their clients through Fieldstone Cabinetry dealers.


Fieldstone Cabinetry's standard kitchen cabinets come with a limited lifetime warranty; however, the following cabinets come with a five-year limited warranty: Amaretto, Bordeaux, Cottage, Licorice, Linen, Old World Distressing (when applied to Maple Door Finished Tint Varnish), Villa Ivory, Thermo-Foil, and Tinted Varnish Finishes, which only covers defects in materials and workmanship. However, this five-year limited warranty is now a lifetime limited warranty on all finishes as of August, 2011.

Contacting Fieldstone

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