New Kitchen Cabinets: Part IV - Stock vs. Custom

A kitchen remodel not only gives your home an updated look -- if done well, it will provide more convenience and an efficient use of space. Choosing the right kitchen cupboards is an important decision and you.ll need to spend some time researching your options. It's important to set a budget, as cabinetry prices have a wide range. Choosing stock, semi-custom, or custom cupboards will play a significant role in how much the project will cost to complete.

Stock Cupboards

Stock cupboards are the least expensive alternative, but the style choices are limited. It's similar to buying a base-model car rather than one that's fully loaded. You.ll find only a limited number of selections in wood, shape, or design. If you're not planning to live in your house for the long haul, or if it's a rental property, this is the way to go. If money is tight, you may consider purchasing stock cupboards and painting them an unusual color to spruce them up a bit. One of the main advantages to stock cupboards is that they are nearly always in stock.

Semi-Custom Cupboards

If you choose to go with semi-custom cupboards, you'll have more choice. As with the stock cupboard, semi-custom cabinets are assembled in the factory and come in standard sizes, but you decide what features you want and how you want them configured. For example, you may want to add a lazy Susan (a rotating tray) to make it easier to access more items. If you bake a lot, you may enjoy using divided sections for vertical storage or shelves that pull out for easier selection of a cake pan or cookie sheet.

With semi-custom cabinetry, you get to choose from a variety of doors, drawer facings, and fixtures. You can add fancy molding or glass doors and imprint your own style without the cost of custom work. Unlike stock cupboards, you'll probably have to special order semi-custom designs.

Custom Cupboards

Choosing custom cabinets gives you the freedom to design and build exactly what you want. You can do things like fit a cupboard into an unusual space. Unless you're a finish carpenter, you'll need to find a qualified person to put your ideas into action. If you want odd sizes and shapes or a specific wood or material, custom is the way to go.

Custom cabinets will cost more than semi-custom or stock cabinets. In order to make sure you get your money's worth, be sure to carefully select the contractor. Compare bids, check references, and ask to see some examples of his or her previous work.

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