Sterilite Cabinets

Sterilite is known for manufacturing plastic products for a variety of situations. There are two models of cabinets available from the company: a two-shelf cabinet and a four-shelf cabinet. Both are made in the U.S.A. from plastic with a sturdy construction and adjustable shelves.

According to the Sterilite website, the cabinets can be assembled in under 15 minutes and require no tools. Each door swings open easily, closes securely, and accommodates a normal sized padlock for extra security. Plus, the heights of the shelves can be moved according to what is being stored on them.

With a light platinum finish and putty handles, the Sterilite cabinets are intended to be used for organizing paints, gardening, utility, and automotive supplies, but other items can easily be stored in them as well. The two-shelf cabinet measures 25⅝" in length, 18⅞" in width, and 35⅝" in height. Featuring the same length and width as the two-shelf version, the four-shelf cabinet has a height of 69⅜", which is practically twice as tall.

History of Sterilite

Sterilite is the world's largest independent manufacturer of plastic housewares. In 1939, the company began as a partnership between Saul and Edward Stone and Earl Tupper to develop heels for women's shoes using injection molding. However, the early forms of plastic were not resistant during hot weather to either the heat or body weight, and the partnership did not last long.

As a result, Sterilite started producing plastic combs, toothbrush holders, and other personal articles for the Armed Forces in World War II. Eventually, the company became more skilled in making toys, plastic giftware, tabletop products, beverageware, and household containers. The line of plastic housewares was expanded further and in the 1960s, food storage bowls and storage bins were added.

Where Sterilite Cabinets are Sold

Many retailers carry Sterilite products, including Ace Hardware, Target, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, and various online websites. Not all locations specifically have the cabinets and customers are encouraged to contact a store for availability.

Cabinet Warranties

No warranty information is available for Sterilite Cabinets.

Contact Information

Phone: 508-597-8702

Sterilite Corporation
PO Box 8001
Townsend, MA 01469-8001