Woodcraft Cabinets

Woodcraft Industries, Inc. manufactures real wood, ready-to-finish furniture and cabinets. The company offers over 1,000 pre-assembled cabinets available in pine, maple, oak and cherry wood species. Each wood carries its own distinct characteristic and grain pattern that can be finished to match the decor with a customer's home.

History of Woodcraft Cabinets

Woodcraft Industries, Inc. has been producing real wood furniture and kitchen cabinets since 1984. Founder Jack Campbell began the company in his one-car garage in State College, PA. Over the years, Woodcraft Industries has expanded into an 110,000 square foot manufacturing facility and one of the nation's leading real wood, ready-to-finish cabinet and kitchen producers.

Woodcraft Industries manufactures all cabinetry and furniture with premium grades of pine, maple, oak and cherry. The company only works with real wood and does not offer any partial wood products.

Where to Find Woodcraft Cabinets

Woodcraft Cabinets are available at independent retail dealers throughout the US and Canada. Consumers can find a local Woodcraft dealer by visiting the company website and searching their area for a retailer.

Since Woodcraft may manufacture more products than an independent dealer many have space for, consumers may need to special order items through the company catalog. The product catalog has a monthly order-by-date delivery schedule, designed to accommodate special orders.

Warranty Information

Woodcraft Industries does not list a warranty for cabinetry products. Contact a local Woodcraft retailer for warranty information.


Woodcraft Cabinets
595 East Rolling Ridge Drive
Bellafonte, PA 16823