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"My Review on my Arlington Cabinets"
I got my whole kitchen furnished with Arlington cabinets about 5 years ago. I absolutely love these cabinets mainly because of how they look. I really like that Arlington but fashion and design in the front seat of their operations. Before i bought the cabinets, i was excepting nice sturdy cabinets but i had not known that they would be equally good looking as how they functioned.I also loved how nice the finishing was because there was no need for wax. There's almost nothing I dislike about these cabinets, the only thing is that one of the corner cabinets had gotten squeaky when you open and close it, but that problem was fixed when i sprayed the hinge with a little WD-40! Besides that little problem, I've never had to repair anything on these cabinets. The next time i ever have to furnish my kitchen I'll definitely go with Arlington. I also would recommend it to a friend. One last thing i loved about these cabinets was that they weren't too expensive, especially for the quality that they pack.