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Location: Monroe, NY
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"Please do not buy!"
This is absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with. First off, if you go through a kitchen company, they do not consider you a "customer". It's interesting how they can take your money and then claim they can't give you information on your order. I ordered cabinets on 5/23/22. I was told they are 2-3 weeks out. Well June comes and goes and no cabinets. Then we were told 7/15. Guess what? They Don't show up for another 2 weeks. Did I receive my whole order? Absolutely not! My Pantry cabinets were on the manifest but not on the truck. I received an upper cabinet for my island and damaged cabinet doors. There are shelves and draws that are damaged but the thought of waiting another 2 months outweighs the damage. So you would think the Pantry cabinets would come within a couple of days if they were on the manifest. Well, it's 9/3 and I'm home because I was supposed to get them today! Guess what? They aren't here. In July I was told with a laugh "we would never make someone wait for a kitchen for 2 months!". They Will not take your calls and I've read emails from their employees that basically say they Just Don't care. The thing that totally infuriates me is there is not even an apology. No credit, no apology, Just basically "we have your money and we really Just Don't care. Please do not use this company. The quality of the cabinets are atrocious and their customer service is beyond horrendous. I wish I had read these reviews. Our kitchen designer told us they were a great company. I'm beyond disappointed and have had to spend so much money on food and accommodations. Please, please use another company that actually cares about the quality and care of their customers.