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"Good Cabinet For The Kitchen"
I bought my Mainstays Storage Cabinet to place in my kitchen around 4 months. The cabinet has an oak color and has 3 shelves. There are four storage sections total. There are two doors total. One door is in the left and one door is in the right side. I was attracted to its low price, but the downsides that it was not assembled together. Assembling the cabinet was easy because the included instructions was easy to follow. Total time to assemble was less than 1 hour. The cabinet is made of cheap wood material and is oak or brown in color. The dimension of the cabinet is narrow and short: about 5 feet tall and 20 inches wide. I used this cabinet as a pantry, where I store food items that I used daily, such as cans of soup, cereals, fruit/vegetable cans, food condiments, etc. The overall quality is just average. Even though the cabinet is stable and does not wobble, the doors are slightly misaligned, due to the pre-drilled holes that are not centered. However, I had no problem with the cabinets. The doors does not yet squeak or creak. Also, there is no signs of any scratches on the surface. Also, the wood seems to be made of cheap quality. Considering its low price, ease of assembly, and its quality, I would give this cabinet a good rating and would recommend this product or similar product made by the same brand to others.