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Location: Kentucky
Model/Style: Eclipse

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"Don't waste your money"
Piece of junk. I bought Shiloh cabinets with a painted white finish, blue island 2 years ago and they are a piece of garbage. They arrived with dented corners that we didn't catch so the manufacture wouldn't cover. They dent and scratch with everything that touches them and the paint is peeling off. The store that we bought them from had the rep come to our home to view the cabinets and of course they were no help. He told us the peeling paint was from shoes hitting the doors (4 inches off the ground?) & we do not open our cabinets with our feet. The other theory he wanted to float was water damage. Uh, No. He then pointed out that their was no problem with the upper cabinets. So, I inspected them more closely after he left and sure enough, there is cracking happening on the inside of the doors along the edge. The rep then admitted that 99% of his calls are for their white cabinets. Well, there is your answer... It's Shiloh's process of painting the white cabinets. Blue island is holding up fine. What looks like bubbles is where the paint is peeling.