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Location: El Paso, TX
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"Great all-rounded food preparation!"
I've owned this particular Estate stovetop/oven for four years. I like that it is more efficient than my microwave, which sometimes can't cook evenly and sometimes refuses to cook at all. Excellent at boiling water - there's a bit of smoke that comes up from the heating coils, which scared me at first, but then I got used to it. Cooks evenly and efficiently! The downside is how the knobs are designed - there is no accurate marking to tell if the heat is medium or medium-high. However, there's a problem with the high setting - sometimes the knob slips from the high setting - and there is no catch to prevent the oven from going to high from off - and slides into the off setting, which makes things like boiling water or making ramen noodles an exercise in babysitting. I have never needed to repair or replace this unit. I would buy this same brand of stovetop/oven again! I would even recommend the same brand to a friend.