Stove Ratings has been collecting consumer reviews of ovens and stoves since the beginning of 2009. Our ratings are derived from those reviews. (In addition to writing long-form about the advantages and disadvantages of their stoves, each reviewer also assigns an overall satisfaction rating that varies from "Very Unsatisfied" to "Very Satisfied".)

  1. Magic Chef
  2. Hardwick
  3. Kitchenaid
  4. Wedgewood
  5. Modern Maid
  6. Sunray
  7. Caloric
  8. General Electric
  9. Welbilt
  10. Hotpoint
  11. Kenmore
  12. Whirlpool
  13. Frigidaire
  14. Amana
  15. Lg
  16. Tappan
  17. Crosley

We have collected reviews on more than 30 different brands of stoves. However, we only include an aggregate rating for brands where we have collected at least 3 reviews. (We want to make sure that a single review does not overly bias the average.) However, all of our stove reviews are available if you would like to read them.