Admiral Dishwashers

Admiral appliances are manufactured by the Whirpool Co. and can be found exclusively at Home Depot. However, the Admiral name is no longer used on dishwashers; Home Depot only carries Admiral washers and dryers. In fact, on most kitchen appliance websites, Admiral dishwashers are no longer available for purchase. There is a line of industrial size dishwashers bearing the Admiral name, but the line is manufactured by Insinger.

Admiral Company History

Admiral was originally a radio and television manufacturer, which was founded in Chicago in 1934. The U.S. military contracted Admiral for electronic equipment supplies during WWII. The company's success in the radio and TV industry allowed the company to move into the kitchen appliance market. In the 1950s, Admiral began producing refrigerators. The mid-1970s saw the downfall of the company because of heavy competition with Japanese electronic goods. In 1973, Rockwell International acquired Admiral, and then sold it to Magic Chef, which was eventually sold to Maytag. Whirpool bought Maytag in 2006, giving way to the exclusive Home Depot rights.

Tips For Troubleshooting Admiral Dishwashers

Admiral had been manufacturing dishwashers until recent years, so replacement parts and repair should be easy to come by. As a Whirlpool company, any repair service familiar with Whirlpool and Maytag appliances will most likely be familiar with Admiral appliances as well. A common issue with Admiral dishwashers seems to be that the water doesn't fully drain out the bottom.

Warranty Information

For warranty information on an Admiral dishwasher purchased after 2006, it would be best to contact Whirlpool directly with questions. For an Admiral dishwasher purchased before 2006, it's unlikely that it would still carry an effective warranty, but since it was manufactured under the Maytag name, a Maytag warranty may still be honored.