Hotpoint Dishwashers

The Hotpoint brand is owned by General Electric (GE) which manufactures appliances in Louisville, Kentucky. Fifteen models of built-in dishwashers are currently on the market. Consumers who own one of the dozens of other Hotpoint models that are not currently available can find information on their appliances through GE.

Hotpoint History

The Hotpoint brand was created by the Pacific Electric Heating Company which manufactured the Hotpoint clothing iron, one of the first readily-accepted small electric appliances. In 1918, the company merged with GE and Hughes Electric Heating Company. The new company, named the Edison Electric Appliance Company, manufactured and sold products under the GE and Hotpoint brands. The Hotpoint brand in Europe is owned by appliance manufacturer and competitor Indesit (Merloni Elettrodomestici of Italy) and is not related to the American company.

Special Features of Hotpoint Dishwashers

According to GE/Hotpoint, its five-level PowerScrub™ wash system directs water precisely for a quiet and efficient clean. Other features include an 'extra fine filter,' hot pre-wash options, pots and pans cycle, push button controls, and the 'Piranha' hard food dispenser which crushes large particles for easier disposal. Hotpoint dishwashers are available in white, black and silver metallic.

Energy Efficiency

Hotpoint offers six models of dishwashers that meet EnergyStar standards for energy conservation. EnergyStar requires that standard-sized models use less than 324 Kilowatts per year and 5.8 gallons of water per load while compact models use less than 234 Kilowatts annually and 4 gallons of water per cycle.

Consumer Experience with Hotpoint Dishwashers

General Electric, the owner of the Hotpoint brand, has recalled a number of its dishwashers that presented fire hazards. In 2000, GE-authorized technicians were dispatched to rewire a batch of Hotpoint dishwashers that were manufactured with a slide switch that was found to melt and ignite.

Contacting Hotpoint/GE

c/o GE Appliance
Park. 6, Rm. 129
Louisville, KY 40225

Phone: 1-800-626-2005