Gaggenau Dishwashers

Gaggenau makes luxury dishwashers that are designed to fit seamlessly into any kitchen. The models are called the Euro Tub and Tall Tub. The company claims to set the industry's technical and environmental standards. Heat is reused to save energy, and sensors detect the soiling level of water. Gaggenau dishwashers are priced well over $2,000.

Gaggenau Company History

Gaggenau is an appliance company with a history dating back to 1681. Named after a town in Germany where the brand was founded, the company is now owned by BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgerate GmbH. In 1961, a home chef named Georg von Blanquet took over the company and started a line of restaurant-grade kitchen appliances. In 1995, the company was bought by Bosch and now manufacturers luxury kitchen appliances.

Special Features Of Gaggenau Dishwashers

Gaggenau dishwashers include a new technology designed specifically for washing glassware. The technology prevents extreme fluctuations in temperature. Gaggenau's AquaSensor technology uses an infrared sensor that judges the cleanliness of the water after the pre-wash cycle. If the water is detected as clean, the dishwasher will reuse this water instead of discharging it as regular dishwashers generally do.

Safety Features Of Gaggenau Dishwashers

Gaggenau doesn't advertise special safety features for their dishwashers.

Energy Efficiency

The Tall Tub DF 261 and the Euro Tub DF 260 are ENERGY STAR-qualified with AquaSensor technology that optimizes water and energy usage.

Customer Experiences

Not many customer reviews can be found for Gaggenau appliance. However, the Appliancist product review and trend site says that compared to other high-end dishwashers, the energy efficiency features and hidden control panel are only some of the features that make Gaggenau dishwashers worth the money.

Warranty Information

Effective March 1, 2009, Gaggenau appliances are now available with a five-year warranty extending the industry standard one-year warranty by four years. Installation and repairs must still be performed by an authorized Gaggenau repair specialist.