LG Dishwashers

Priced under $1,100, LG offers seven models of dishwashers available in either black or white. The dishwashers are designed to either compliment a kitchen's decor or to blend into it. LG dishwashers also feature either fully integrated or semi-integrated control panels, adding to the appliance's aesthetic value. LG is also working on developing innovations in noise reduction and water-saving steam technology.

LG Company History

LG is the third largest conglomerate in South Korea that produces electronics, chemicals and telecommunication products. Koo In Hwoi established the Lak Hui Chemical Industrial Corp in 1947, which in 1958 expanded into the electronics market under the name Goldstar Co. Some consumer electronic products were sold under the Goldstar brand, while household products were sold under the brand name "Lucky." In 1995, the brand was renamed LG, combining the names Golstar and Lucky. More recently, LG has been associated with the tagline "Life's Good."

Special Features Of LG Dishwashers

LG offers two SteamDishwasher models (LDF7932ST and LDF9932ST). The steam technology is supposed to be more energy efficient, delicate and leave dishes with a cleaner finish. These models also include a built-in food disposal and a LoDecibel Quiet Operation. All LG dishwashers come with the SenseClean washing system that gauges the turbulence in the water and then alters the water and cleaning cycle for improved cleaning and energy efficiency.

Safety Features Of LG Dishwashers

LG dishwashers come with a water overflow protection system that's a safety feature used to prevent kitchen flooding. Other than this feature, no other safety features are advertised.

Energy Efficiency And LG Dishwashers

All LG dishwashers are ENERGY STAR-qualified to save on energy and water usage.

Customer Experiences

On customer review websites, LG has received poor ratings based primarily on customer service, durability and warping parts. Although a handful of customers were happy with their LG dishwasher, the majority of customers had problems with unreliability and unaccommodating customer service.

Warranty Information

LG dishwashers come with a limited one-year warranty covering manufacturer defects; repairs must be preformed by an authorized LG repair service provider.

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