Modern Maid Dishwashers

The Modern Maid brand is no longer in production and has been taken over by Whirlpool Appliances. However, spare parts and service for the brand is still available.


The Modern Maid brand began in Chattanooga, Tennessee, as the Tennessee Stove and Manufacturing Company in 1904 under J. L. Caldwell. In 1965, the name of the company was changed to Modern Maid, and 1972 saw the merging of this company with McGraw-Edison of Elgin, Illinois. By then, the company was manufacturing dishwashers and microwave ovens in their 10-acre plant. In 1979, the company was acquired by Raytheon. In 2006, Raytheon was acquired by Whirlpool.

Special Features of Modern Maid Dishwashers

Between 1970 and 1980, Modern Maid produced a specialty appliance known as the Cook and Clean Centre that combined a dishwasher with an electric cooktop and oven.

Modern Maid's Warranty

As the brand is no longer in production, it is likely that any original warranties are void. However, service stores often offer a warranty on the parts and labor they provide, and may be applicable to an existing Modern Maid dishwasher.

Contacting Modern Maid

Whirlpool Corporation
Benton Harbor, Div.
151 N. Riverview Dr.
Benton Harbor, MI 49002
Phone: 800-253-1301