Tappan Dishwashers

Tappan was a kitchen appliance manufacturer that manufactured ranges, microwaves, dishwashers and other kitchen appliances. There's very little information available about the company, and the only dishwasher information available is for a 19-inch portable dishwasher. With a model number, parts can be found online from select appliance vendors.

Tappan Company History

Tappan's history dates back to 1881. W.J. Tappan began selling cast-iron stoves door-to-door in Ohio. In 1889, the Eclipse Stove Co. was formed, which later became the Tappan Stove Co. During WWI and WWII, Tappan manufactured cooking equipment for the military. Tappan introduced the first microwave oven for home use in 1955. Tappan purchased the Whirlaway Co. in 1964. In 1979, Tappan was acquired by AB Elctrolux.

Tips For Troubleshooting Tappan Dishwashers

Parts are widely available for Tappan dishwasher model MDS251RE, which is a 19-inch portable dishwasher. On customer review sites, some consumers cited problems with the level of cleaning power, saying that dishes on the top rack of the dishwasher weren't getting clean.

Warranty Information

Parts dealers may offer warranties on specific parts; however this would be dependent on the individual parts dealer's policies.

Tappan customer support number: (800) 374-4432