Gibson Dishwashers

Gibson was a brand name of dishwashers that were once manufactured by White Consolidated, Inc. The brand is now owned by Electrolux, which no longer produces appliances under this name.

Gibson's history

Gibson, which began as the Belding-Hall Company, was founded in 1877 by Joshua Hall in Belding, Michigan. The company began as a manufacturer of iceboxes. In the early 20th century, Frank Gibson purchased the company. The Hupp Corporation bought the company in 1956. Eleven years later, Hupp merged with White Consolidated Industries. Electrolux then acquired White Consolidated and all of its brands, including Gibson, in 1986.

Parts and Repair Information

Many dealers of major appliance parts still supply parts for Gibson dishwashers. This includes vendors that operate online and more traditional retailers. Most local service technicians who specialize in the repair of dishwashers can service Gibson appliances. Since Gibson dishwashers are no longer being produced, they may no longer be under warranty.


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