Glenwood Dishwashers

Glenwood appliances are no longer in production, and it's unclear exactly when the last Glenwood appliance or dishwasher was manufactured. A series of buyouts and possible stiff competition from other appliance companies may have led to the company's demise.

Glenwood Company History

The oldest model for a Glenwood appliance that's advertised on the web is a 1937 Glenwood range. Glenwood was bought by Amana, which was then acquired by Maytag. Whirlpool eventually acquired Maytag in 2006.

Tips For Trouble Shooting Glenwood Dishwashers

Some appliance websites claim to have parts for Glenwood dishwashers; however, a model number is needed to search for parts. One repair forum had a post asking for help on a Glenwood range dating back to 1937. But very little, if any, information is available on the web concerning Glenwood dishwashers.

Warranty Information

Some parts vendors may offer warranties on the replacement parts.

The Glenwood Co. no longer exists. With a long sequence of buyouts, no contact information is available for the company.