InSinkErator Disposal/Dishwasher Connections

InSinkErator is the bestselling brand of food disposals in the world. The company produces food disposals for households as well as for the food-service industry. InSinkErator food disposals are 60 percent quieter than standard disposals, and they liquefy food waste so they're safe for sewer and septic systems. InSinkErator does not manufacture dishwashers -- however, they offer a dishwasher connection kit, specifically designed for InSinkErator disposals to connect the dishwasher drain to the disposer.

InSinkErator Company History

InSinkErator is based in Racine, Wisconsin, and is owned by the Emerson Co. InSinkErator is the world's largest manufacturer of food disposal products for commercial and residential use. Architect John W. Hammes designed the first food waste disposal in 1927 and then went on to found the InSinkErator Co. It took 11 years for the company to establish itself.

Special Features Of InSinkErator Disposals

Special features of InSinkErator disposals include:

  • Four-year in-home warranty service
  • Dua-Drive induction motor that provides durability and more power
  • Quick-Lock sink mount that offers easy "twist on, twist off" installation

Energy Efficiency And InSinkErator Disposals

InSinkErator believes that using a food disposer reduces negative environmental impact by keeping waste out of landfills. Decomposing food waste produces methane emissions that contribute to the negative effect of greenhouse gases. Since food is 70 percent water, InSinkErator says that it makes sense to grind up food waste in the disposal so it can be treated in a municipal treatment plant.

Customer Experiences

InSinkErator food disposers rate highly on customer review websites, with the brand earning top reviews, for its quietness, durability and power.

Warranty Information

All InSinkErator disposals come with a four-year "We Come To You" warranty. The warranty covers parts, labor and in-home service. All repair calls must be scheduled by first calling InSinkErator to find an authorized repair service.

For customer service, call: (800) 558 5700