Bosch Dishwashers

Bosch carries three lines of dishwashers, each with many different models available. Integra® dishwashers feature hidden controls and designs that blend seamlessly with kitchen cabinet. Evolution™ dishwashers feature easily accessed exterior controls and noise suppression features. Ascenta™ dishwashers feature contemporary designs, extra energy efficiency features, and the newest Bosch design features. Most Bosch dishwashers are 24" wide, but one smaller 18" model is available if space is at a premium.

Bosch's History

Robert Bosch opened his Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Engineering in Germany in 1886. He established his first subsidiary in the United States in 1906. By 1914, 70% of the company's business was in the United States, but an embargo at the start of World War I instantly curtailed all of that business. Bosch survived and was eventually allowed to resume business in the United States several years after the end of World War II.

Originally focused on the automobile industry, Bosch expanded into household appliances in 1952. Washing machines were added to their catalog in 1958 and dishwashers in 1964. The company continued to diversify and expand geographically. Major markets include electronics and telecommunications, as well as automobile parts and household appliances. Today, Bosch is one of the largest companies in Germany with subsidiaries all over the world.

Special Features of Bosch Dishwashers

Bosch dishwashers incorporate many special features that make them more efficient and more pleasant to use. These include leak protection, noise reduction, anti-spotting features, and special rack features.

  • AQUASTOP® leak protection detects leaks in the molded base of the dishwasher and immediately shuts down operation of the dishwasher. It then pumps out all water before it can escape from the dishwasher and cause water damage to floors.
  • Noise reduction features include a suspended two pump motor system that reduces vibrations and noise, bitumen coated metal that blurs sound, and cotton fiber sheet insulation that also blurs noise.
  • OPTIDRY® sensors detect when rinsing agents enter the dishwasher and adjust the temperature and wash cycle to prevent spotting.
  • RACKMATIC® allows the upper rack of a dishwasher to be raised or lowers at the touch of a button even when the rack is full, allowing adjustments for oversized or oddly shaped dishes in either rack.

Safety Features of Bosch Dishwashers

Bosch dishwashers incorporate several safety features both to ensure that washed dishes are safe to use after cleaning and to prevent injuries while using or walking by the dishwasher.

  • All Bosch dishwashers have at least one wash cycle that is NSF certified to kill 99.9% of bacteria present.
  • CHILDLOCK prevents small children from accidentally changing dishwasher settings no matter what buttons they press.
  • PERFECTDOOR® keeps the dishwasher door in a fixed position when it is open more than 10 degrees. This stops the door from unexpectedly falling on anyone standing in front of it or from accidentally snapping closed when fingers are near the opening.

Energy Efficiency and Bosch Dishwashers

All Bosch dishwashers are ENERGYSTAR rated. In addition, many models incorporate other energy saving features. For example, ECOSENSE uses a series of sensors to monitor the condition of water in the dishwasher. If the water is still fairly clean, the system stops scheduled water replacement and continues to use the existing water. This saves both money and time as well as cutting energy usage by as much as 20%. ECOACTION™ adjusts water temperature and cycle length for maximum efficiency, cutting energy usage by as much as 25% over normal usage.

Customer Experiences

This blog post discusses the differences between Bosch dishwashers and a few other brands and includes several complaints about Bosch models (most commonly about odor).

Bosch's Warranty

Most Bosch dishwashers come with a one-year warranty covering parts and labor. Parts are covered for an additional year (two years in total) while microelectronics, circuit boards, and dishwasher racks are covered for five years. Bosch dishwashers include a lifetime warranty against rusting through either the inner lining or a stainless steel door.

Contacting Bosch

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Bosch's Dishwasher Models

The links below display detailed stats on each of Bosch's individual models of dishwashers.