Kelvinator Dishwashers

Kelvinator Dishwaters is a subsidiary of Electrolux International. It manufactures and distributes dishwashers and othe appliances for the international marketplace, namely China and Italy. Voltage ranges from 220 to 240. Most Kelvinator dishwashers feature a stainless steel exterior and multiple wash programs, starting at five options.

Kelvinator History

Kelvinator began in 1914 when Nathaniel Wales created electric refrigeration. The name of the company was inspired by the British physicist Lord Kelvin, who created the Kelvin scale of temperature measurement.

Features of Kelvinator Dishwashers

Kelvinator dishwashers feature rinse aid dispensers, water softeners, and upper and lower spray arms. Safety features include a door safety lock and an anti-flood device. With the exception of the Italian version, Kelvinator dishwashers are stainless steel. The Italian version requires external door panels.

Energy Efficiency and Kelvinator Dishwashers

Kelvinator dishwashers consistently receive A or B wash ratings, and similar ratings for their drying efficiency. It is also RoHS compliant, meaning it meets British Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances standards.

Customer Experiences

The Kelvinator dishwasher has consumer reviews here. A few consumers reported minor problems with this brand, including problems with the detergent not fully dissolving and flashing light errors.

Contacting Kelvinator

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