Norge Dishwashers

Norge dishwashers were marketed from the 1930s to the 1970s, but are no longer in production. However, refurbished vintage models are often available through antique appliance sellers.

Company History

Norge began as the Ranney Refrigeration Company in 1892 in Greenville, Michigan. In 1970, the company was sold to the Fedders Corporation who retained the Norge label for its refrigeration appliances. In 1978, the company came under new management and was named the Northland Corporation. Northland discontinued the Norge brand. 2003 saw the takeover of the company by AGA Foodservice Group. Later, in 2006, AGA was purchased by Maytag, which in turn was taken over by the Whirlpool Corporation.

Norge's Warranty

Norge appliances are no longer in production and therefore warranty claims do not apply. Service and repair, however, carried out by other companies may offer their own warranties on labor and parts.

Contacting Norge

Northland Kitchen Appliance
PO Box 400
Greenville, MI 48838-0400
Telephone: (800)223-3900