Dishwasher Control Panels

Dishwasher control panels house the buttons, screens or knobs that control wash cycles and washer functions. Control panels are connected to complex wiring that plays a large role in the distribution of power to the dishwasher. Malfunctioning buttons or broken wires can limit or totally block the proper function of a dishwasher.

Common Types of Control Panels

Control panels are either digital or mechanical. Digital control panels usually have a digital display that shows cycles, options, and other information. Mechanical control panels have buttons or knobs to set cycles. Both digital and mechanical control panels' cycles are regulated by an internal timer.

Buying Control Panels

Replacing a dishwasher control panel involves working with a number of wires that must be correctly connected. The job could be fairly complicated for a typical homeowner but relatively simple for an appliance repairperson.

Finding the correct control panel replacement part is generally straightforward - if you have the dishwasher model number. The model number can usually be found on the unit, in the unit's manual, or by calling the manufacturer. The part number, which is often imprinted on the dishwasher control panel itself, will make a search even easier. For older models of dishwashers, it's possible that the control panels are no longer in production. Appliance repair shops may be able to locate such parts. Newer appliances are often easier to find parts for, as the manufacturer may sell or replace parts. There are many parts available online, as well.

Who Makes Dishwasher Control Panels

Dishwasher manufacturers often make the control panels for their units. Common household brands like GE, Frigidaire, Whirlpool and Maytag make both original and replacement parts for their dishwashers.