Dishwasher Doors

If your dishwasher door is broken, there are several options short of replacing your dishwasher. As is true with most appliances, replacement parts are available which could provide a simple fix. At the very most, an experienced handyman or appliance repair-person will likely be able to fix your dishwasher door and get you back in business quickly.

How a Dishwasher Door Works

Dishwasher doors are usually attached to the unit using a mix of hinges and springs. The door is then locked in place using a latch when the unit is in use. Closing the latch activates the door switch and tells the dishwasher that it's time to start filling with water.

Before Replacing the Whole Door

One of the main problems that can cause a dishwasher door not to work is broken hinges or springs. Replacing these components is fairly easy even for the less-than-handy homeowner. In the case of even a single broken spring, it is best to replace all of the springs on the door. Door springs vary in width and length so it will be important to purchase one that matches your brand and model dishwasher. Also, door hinges are sometimes sold in assembly kits that might include the cables that connect the springs to the door.

Another problem with the dishwasher door might be the door latch. If the door latch does not properly close, the dishwasher won't get the signal to start the wash cycle. As with spring replacements, door latches vary greatly between brands of dishwasher, so it is best to have your model number handy to purchase the right replacement part.

Door Panels

Dishwasher door panels can be purchased separately from the unit and can range in price from $100-$2000+, depending on the style, material, and brand of the panels. Miele La Perla and Viking are two brands that sell custom stainless steel and other panels, but for a large price tag. Electrolux sells door panels at in a more varied price range. Keep in mind that buying door panels does not mean you'll get a handle. Often new door handles are sold separately.