Dishwasher Float

A dishwasher float acts as a regulator in your dishwasher to keep the incoming water from going past the required level. When the dishwasher tub begins to fill, the float is lifted as the water level rises. Once the float reaches a certain point, it triggers the float switch to shut off the flow of water into the tub. The system serves as an anti-flooding mechanism.

Common Types of Dishwasher Floats

Dishwasher floats are usually made of plastic. They are white in color and measure about 5 inches in length. Floats are also found in humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

Tips on Replacing a Dishwasher Float

In most dishwashers, the float can be snapped into place, which makes for easy repair. Some floats, however, are connected to the float switch. In this case, the float will have to be disconnected from the switch before it can be safely removed. In addition to this, if there is a float cover; it must be removed in order to access the float itself.

The float assembly is located in the bottom of the dishwasher tub and can be located by removing the bottom rack or the front kick panel. When you locate the float, check for loose food particles that may be stuck in mechanism and be preventing its movement.

When purchasing a replacement float, match the part number on your float to the replacement. If in doubt, see the manufacturer handbook or seek help from a dishwasher technician.

Manufacturers of Dishwasher Float

Most dishwasher manufacturers sell floats for their appliances. Some of the major manufacturers are: