Dishwasher Timer

Dishwashers are equipped with a timer that controls the timing of power going into each function of the dishwasher. They also regulate the order in which cycles occur. These timers have both an external control mechanism, such as a knob or button, and a motor, which is hidden behind the dishwasher's control panel. The timer's motor is connected by wires to the timer assembly, which can be located near the motor or behind a dishwasher's kickplate, at the bottom. Sometimes replacing just the motor can solve a problem with the timer.

Common Types of Dishwasher Timers

Dishwasher timers are similar in construction. Many are composed of metal and/or plastic parts. They are designed to time functions at specific intervals and can be controlled by digital or mechanical controls. Digital controls, such as touch screens, are more common in new dishwashers. Older or simpler dishwashers may have a knob or buttons, with no digital display. Dishwasher timers are powered by small motors. These motors or the timers themselves may fit a number of different brands of dishwashers.

How to Buy Replacement Dishwasher Timers

Replacing a dishwasher's timer would be a relatively easy job for an appliance repairman, but is not a suitable DIY project for the mechanically challenged. Depending on the type of dishwasher, removing and re-installing a timer can be a time-consuming process. Before you attempt to buy or replace your dishwasher's timer, it's a good idea to consult your owner's manual or call the manufacturer.

The type of dishwasher timer you buy will depend solely on the type of dishwasher you're installing it in. The model number of the dishwasher is an important piece of information to have with you as you search for a replacement timer. Dishwasher timers can cost around $100, so make sure you know that the one you buy will fit in your unit. If you can, match the timer's product number to find the perfect fit.

Who Makes Dishwasher Timers

Dishwasher timers may or may not be made by the same company that made the dishwasher in which they operate. Companies like GE and Frigidaire produce dishwasher timers that can be used in their own or other companies' appliances. Other companies that manufacture small motors and other appliance parts also make dishwasher timers.