Aga Stoves

Aga is a manufacturer of high-end, professional quality appliances, including cast-iron and steel ranges, stoves, and ovens. These products are unique in their design, both technically and stylistically. Most Aga appliances are available in a wide range of colors, including "British racing green" and "Royal Blue". They produce electric, gas and dual-fuel cooking appliances that come in a variety of sizes, from 24" to 58" wide.

Aga's History

Aga traces its roots to two important companies that have had a hand in the production of its contemporary products. The oldest is the Coalbrookdale Company, which was originally formed in 1709 as a producer of cast-iron products, including cooking pots. The Coalbrookdale Company began producing parts for Aga in 1929 and continues to do iron casting and enameling of Aga cooking appliance parts.

The father of the Aga cooker and the current incarnation of the company was Swedish inventor Nils Gustaf Dalen. After becoming the managing director of the Sevenska Aktiebolaget Gas Accumulator company in 1909, Dalen went on to win the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1912. In 1922, he patented the Aga cooker, his invention. In 1929, Aga began importing products to Britain and producing in the United Kingdom. In 1969, Glynwed Ltd. took ownership of the Allied Ironfounders company, producers of Aga products. Over the years, new colors were introduced, becoming a unique feature of Aga appliances.

Repair and Parts Information

The Aga company trains service providers to service specific products and has an international network of certified professionals. They can be found by contacting Aga or visiting their website.

Parts for Aga appliances can be ordered through authorized dealers. Local dealers can be found by calling Aga or visiting their website.


Aga offers different warranties which range from one to five years, generally covering parts and labor.

Contacting Aga

Customer Service
1050 Fountain Street North
Cambridge, ON N3H 4R7