RCA Ovens

Since the company's inception, RCA produced more than just radio technology and related products--it also manufactured high-quality ranges throughout the 1950s. Gas and electric models were available with a wide range of features, including the option to grill, bake, and barbecue all at once. Stove range styles came with a double-sided oven and four stovetops. And although RCA Estate ovens haven't been manufactured for several years, they are popular with antique lovers.

RCA's History

In 1901, RCA was originally called the Victor Talking Machine Co. Started by Eldridge R. Johnson in New Jersey, the company was created by a merger between two companies--the Berliner Gramophone Co. and Johnson's Consolidated Talking Machine Co. RCA acquired the Estate Stove Co. in 1952, at which point it entered the oven range business. In 1955, Whirlpool took over RCA's air conditioner and cooking range lines. It then became RCA-Victor, and finally RCA, until it was acquired by General Electric (GE) in 1986. GE eventually sold the company to Martin Marietta. Although RCA is best known for its radio equipment technology, it's home appliances were also an important part of the company's history.

Parts And Repair

Because RCA ovens are no longer produced, replacement parts for older models must be obtained through alternative sources. Retailers of vintage appliance parts sell replacement items for stoves from a large selection of companies.


RCA ovens no longer have warranties, but there are warranties on the various replacement parts available through a range of suppliers online.

Currently, the RCA trademark is owned by Thomson SA. Visit the official RCA website if you have any questions, or contact the Thomson corporate offices:

101 W. 103rd St.
Indianapolis, IN 46290-1102
(317) 587-3000