Norge Stoves

In the past, Norge stoves were popular appliances with a reputation for quality and performance. Although the company no longer sells and manufactures ovens, antique Norge stoves are enjoying a resurgence among homeowners looking for a way to transform an everyday kitchen into something special. Vintage Norge stoves can come with such features as marbleized porcelain cabinets, four surface burners, hide-a-way cover tops, and utensil storage drawers. Older models also tend to include a separate broiler drawer with a pop-up broiler.

History Of Norge

The Norge line of stoves was famous for superior quality for many years. Eventually, the company was bought out by Maytag, and Norge was changed into a line of appliances under the larger Maytag umbrella. As company buyouts continued to occur, the quality and reputation of Norge dissipated. Maytag became a division of Whirlpool, and as a result the Norge brand name has disappeared from the market. Today, you can purchase vintage Norge stoves from a variety of online stores. It's possible to find refurbished and unrefurbished models, depending on how much money you're willing to spend. Antique Norge ranges can cost thousands of dollars.

Replacement Parts

Search online for stove repair companies to purchase Norge appliance parts. Many of these companies specialize in parts for a wide range of stove manufacturers, in addition to Norge.


Although new Norge appliances are not being manufactured, repair parts are available with reasonable warranties. Expect a standard one-year warranty in most cases.

How to Contact Norge

Norge can no longer be contacted regarding their appliances. To find out more about Norge stoves, simply contact one of the many retailers online selling replacement parts for vintage oven ranges.