Speed Queen Stove/Range/Oven

Speed Queen's motto "Laundry -- It's All We Do" belies the fact that the company's brand was used by former associate McGraw-Edison and high-tech giant Raytheon in the late 1970s and early 1980s, as major appliance corporations gobbled up smaller manufacturers. Under these companies, a full line of ranges and ovens were released bearing the Speed Queen name. Electric and gas freestanding ranges, as well as flattop and gas wall-oven units all bore the Speed Queen name at one point. Back then, Speed Queen had an almost full line of home-style appliances. Besides washers, dryers, ranges and ovens, there were air conditioners, water softeners, dishwashers, trash compactors, and food waste disposers. About the only thing the Speed Queen series never included was a refrigerator/freezer line.

There are many parts available made by Raytech's Amana unit that fit items bearing the Speed Queen name for kitchen products, and similarly Speed Queen-branded parts for Amana laundry products. Today, Speed Queen is exclusively a manufacturer of laundry products, primarily for industrial use but more recently has released products for residential use as well.

Speed Queen's History

Founded in 1908 by Joe Barlow and John Seelig under the name Barlow & Seelig Manufacturing, the company made small batches of washers known as the "White Cloud" until adopting the Speed Queen brand and corporate name in 1928, which has been used ever since. While still under the Barlow & Seelig name, the company built its first electric-motor powered washer in 1911, four years prior to evolving the product to include the first swinging wringer that could operate in any direction. Technologically, the company continued to grow as it introduced washers constructed with nickel copper tubs to the laundry-care industry in 1922. Stainless steel would be used beginning in 1939, now under the Speed Queen umbrella, and that core structure remains in use today.

In 1979, Raytheon acquired Speed Queen but soon found its appliance segment burdened by overseas imports, spurring the company to combine Speed Queen with its Amana refrigeration products unit and Caloric oven and range product segment. The Speed Queen segment would later be sold by Raytheon to Alliance Laundry Systems in 1998, of which the company remains a unit today.

Parts And Repair Information

Speed Queen no longer provides replacement parts for its oven line. Because those products were made by Amana or Caloric during the Raytheon consolidation or even earlier, those companies--or online parts replacement sites--are the best places to find parts and repair guides for Speed Queen kitchen products.


Because it has been years since Speed Queen-branded ranges have been released, the ranges are no longer under warranty. Any replacement parts would be covered by the parts manufacturer, according to their terms.

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