Gibson Stoves/Ranges/Ovens

Gibson brand stoves, ranges, and ovens are part of Frigidaire which is an Electrolux brand. Parts for Gibson appliances seem to be readily available, but the original appliances themselves may no longer be in production.

History of Gibson Stoves

Frigidaire brand history goes back to 1916 when it began as the Guardian Refrigerator Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana and was the brainchild of Alfred Mellowes. When this company verged on bankruptcy, William C. Durant, the president of General Motors Corp., took over the business. It was named Frigidaire and moved to Detroit in 1919. Business started picking up in 1921 when it was brought under Delco Light, a subsidiary of General Motors in Dayton, Ohio.

By 1930, the company diversified into production of kitchen equipment and other domestic appliances, and even machine guns during the World War. In 1979, it was acquired by WCI (White Consolidated Industries) which was in turn taken over by the Swedish company Electrolux and re-named Frigidaire.

Parts and Repair Information

Spare parts and service for Gibson cooking appliances seem to readily available at online repair services. Also, many Frigidaire parts appear to be interchangeable.


Frigidaire has manufacturer's warranty for all their products. It is possible to purchase additional extended warranty that comes into effect when the manufacturer's warranty expires. This can be done at time of purchase from the retailer.

Contacting Frigidaire

Customer Service in the US:
1 (800) 374-4432
Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 5:30 pm EST

Mailing Address:
Electrolux Home Products
P.O. Box 212378
Martinez, GA 30917