Turbochef Ovens

Turbochef is the manufacturer of residential and commercial ovens with a faster-than-average cooking time. Used in fine restaurants and the fast food industry, 30 inch double and single wall ovens became available to the residential market in 2007. Special features of these ovens include a cook time up to fifteen times faster than most household ovens. For the luxury of time, the consumer will pay around $5000 for a Turbochef oven.

Turbochef also sells three models of ovens for use in commercial kitchens: the Tornado, the C3 and the High h Batch. According to the Turbochef company, these ovens cook large batches of foods from two to twelve times faster than conventional ovens. Subway restaurants and Charlie Trotter's in Chicago are two high-profile customers.

About Turbochef's History

Turbochef Technologies, Inc. began in 1991. They define their goal as the creation of cooking appliances that speed up the cooking process. In 2008, the Turbochef company announced plans to merge with the Middleby Corporation, a manufacturer of commercial kitchen appliances.

Parts and Repairs

Turbochef has a network of trained service providers in all states in the US and many more internationally. These service providers also sell parts for Turbochef appliances. To reach a representative or be directed to your local service provider, you can call Turbochef's customer service hotline at 1-800-90-TURBO.

Contact Information for Turbochef

Turbochef Corporate Headquarters
Six Concourse Parkway , Suite 1900
Atlanta, GA 30328

Fax: 678-987-1750