Electrolux Stoves/Ranges/Ovens

Electrolux appliances are known for their sleek aesthetic design that includes large glass windows, brightly colored interiors, self-cleaning technology, and automatic door locks. Their products are high-end and feature-rich, including a wide range of gas, electric, and dual-fuel cook tops, ranges, and ovens. These include both built in and free standing models to suit almost all kitchen designs.

Electrolux cooking appliances include a number of innovative and brand-specific features such as Luxury-Glide oven racks, Wave-Touch controls, a Perfect-Turkey Button, and Sure-2-Fit Capacity. In a 30" electric wall oven, for example, a consumer can come home with Luxury Design Lighting, Luxury Hold Door, Perfect Convect3, and a Hidden Bake Element. The oven can broil, roast, keep warm, and slow cook. Cook settings include defrost, dehydrate, bread proof, multi-stage cooking, convection, and "my favorites."


Electrolux is a Swedish company that manufactures many domestic appliances from refrigerators to vacuum cleaners. They began as manufacturers of residential vacuum cleaners almost 90 years ago when Axel Wenner-Gren sought to arm every home with a vacuum cleaner. His design, the Lux1, achieved great success. Then came the refrigerator, and almost every other household appliance. Today, Electrolux is a global corporation with sales of more than $100 billion.

Parts and Repair Information

Electrolux original spare parts and accessories are available widely. In addition, technical help and authorized repair personnel can be found at many Electrolux dealers.


Electrolux offers an extended warranty on their kitchen appliances in addition to the original warranty that comes with the product. Discounts are sometimes available for customers who purchase an extended warranty within two months of buying a product. For more information, contact toll free 1-866-386-5286.

Company Headquarters

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