Kelvinator Stoves/Ranges/Ovens

Kelvinator, a 90-year old brand owned by Electrolux since 2003, sells residential cooking and refrigeration appliances in Australia and South Africa. A separate Kelvinator Commericial company iis owned by National Consolidated Industries and operates in North America selling commercial refrigeration appliances. If looking for a Kelvinator stove, oven, or range in the US, you will mostly find 1950s and 60s vintage models from private antique sellers and on e-bay or Craig's List.


Founded in 1914 by Nathaniel B Wales in Michigan, the company formally took the name Kelvinator in 1916 in honor of Lord Kelvin who discovered the basic concepts of refrigeration. The company acquired Nash Motors in 1937 after which it was called was Nash-Kelvinator to reflect the growth. The merged company became a division of American Motors Company in 1954. AMC sold Kelvinator in 1968 and it became part of White Consolidated Industries which later on changed its name to Frigidaire Company. Electrolux, who acquired Frigidaire, also markets appliances under the Kelvinator Commercial tag.

Parts and Repair Information

Information regarding spare parts and related services for Kelvinator stoves is available at all major outlets selling Electrolux products. Online support is also available at their official website.


The Kelvinator stoves/ranges/oven that are marketed in South Africa come with a two year warranty. An extended warranty may be purchased at the retailers when buying the appliance. Vintage appliace warranties vary by seller.

Contact information for Kelvinator Commercial

National Consolidated Industries
563 Corbin Road
Honea Path, SC 29654

Toll Free: 1-800-486-8369
Fax: 1-864-369-0960