Caloric Stoves, Ranges and Ovens

Caloric is a brand name owned by the Maytag company. Caloric appliances are no longer in production. Older models of Caloric stoves, ovens and ranges can still be purchased from individuals, antique and vintage appliance dealers, and used appliance dealers. The more common units available are free-standing ranges with an oven and stovetop burners. Caloric cooking appliances were made for gas or electric power sources.

History of Caloric

The Caloric Company was sold to Amana in 1967. Amana started in 1934 as the Electrical Equipment Company. They manufactured mainly coolers and, later, refrigerators. In 1965, the Raytheon company, a producer of microwave ovens, bought the Amana Company, which included the Caloric brand. Amana eventually ceased production of Caloric brand appliances in the early nineties. Maytag bought Amana in 2001 and both were acquired by Whirlpool in 2006.

Parts and Repair

Parts for Caloric stoves can be purchased from dealers who specialize in parts for older or discontinued appliances. Repairs on Caloric stoves and ovens may not be covered by a warranty, but repair shops and professionals specializing in vintage cooking appliances are the best source for fixing broken or malfunctioning units. For a quote on repair or parts costs, contact your a local service provider.

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